Leadership: Nemezar

This event is currently closed

If you are interested in Omen please ask the LS for help, it may be more would like to team up for cards or scales. If enough need this even may re-open in the future.

Omen Members

MemberJobsMoney ItemWish item 1Wish item 2Wish item 3
AlicieaWHM SMN SCH GEO3Regal Cuffs
AydoganTHF GEO RNG COR3Nisroch JerkinRegal Captain's Gloves
cliftonWHM GEO THF SMN3Dagon BreastplateRegal Gauntlets
Regal Ring
EveryneversCOR THF 1Regal CuffsAshera HarnessIskur Gorget
kahtGEO COR BLM RUN3Nisroch JerkinRegal Gauntlets
Ammurapi shield
Regal Earring
LeyliaRUN SAM RNG1Ashera Harness
MrkillfaceWAR BRD RNG2Regal CuffsDagon Breastplate
Regal Earring
NemezarWAR PLD SCH2Ashera HarnessRegal Captain's Gloves
Regal Earring
PaiselyWAR PLD GEO2Regal Captain's GlovesUdug Jacket
pikachuuuWHM SMN GEO SCH3Regal Cuffs
XenophonWHM COR BRD3Regal CuffsAshera Harness
Shulmanu Collar
bearfootGEO COR WAR THF2
Regal Ring
Nisroch JerkinRegal Earring
DeadplaythingCOR BLM 0
VishapCOR BLM 0
PaojaWHM 1

Omen Rewards

Card leaching
200,000 money item
Ilabrat Ring
Enmerkar Earring
Dingir Ring
Iskur Gorget
Shulmanu Collar
Niqmaddu Ring
Lugalbanda Earring
Utu Grip
Regal Belt
Regal Gem
Regal Necklace
Regal Earring
Regal Ring
Regal Captain's Gloves
Regal Cuffs
Regal Gauntlets
Regal Gloves
Dagon Breastplate
Ashera Harness
Nisroch Jerkin
Shamash Robe
Udug Jacket
Lead Run
Mentor Payment
Ammurapi shield