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Hello, my name is David Cullen aka Nemezar. I’d like to tell you a bit about my new movie project Dice Hard! I have been making videos and short movies for some time now, more than 10 years in fact. This all started from recording fights in Final Fantasy XI to use as a guide for fellow adventurers. It expanded into tribute videos for clans, games and movie and now I enjoy making goofy films. Dice Hard is actually part of a trilogy, with Delve Busters and The Man with the Machine Gun predating this. Nemezar and Nemezous have been characters in all 3 films, but think of them more like C3PO and R2D2 there just kind of there. Dice Hard not only completes the trilogy but brings all the main cast back together in this full 2 hour movie. It also cameo’s other charaters set to be in my next movie Hitch Hikers Guide to vanadiel.

The movie itself starts with a bunch of terrorists taking over a building and our heroes stuck inside. I got the idea from another film, Die Hard, you may have heard of it. This inspired the name Dice Hard, but that’s really where the similarities end. The main villain is fed up with people choosing how to live life and bids his hostages to gamble there life away in a duel of the Dice. To save the day we have our heroes inside the building as well as an anti-terrorist group plotting to break in and rescue the day.

This is essentially a comedy movie, taking inspiration from classic comedies such as Monty Pythons holy grail, hot shots, Airplane, Black Adder and many more.

The Trailer is available now. The Movie will be available on June the 2nd on Youtube. It will also be available on Blu Ray with special making of Dice Hard entitled a Sip of Cider. This is available in the shop, please allow 5-10 working days for delivery.

For any enquiries on this project please email me on